The Issues Facing Martinez

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Public Safety:

As a supporter of law enforcement and firefighters, I believe they must be well compensated, provided with excellent benefits, and have access to sufficient resources so we can retain the best and create a safe working environment. Moreover, I support officers being trained in dealing with people with mental health issues as well as those who abuse alcohol and drugs. This includes emphasizing the importance of de-escalation techniques as well as implicit, unconscious, and explicit bias training. As part of my efforts to reduce recidivism, I support rehabilitation programs, such as partnerships with union halls for career training for inmates.

Homelessness and Mental Health:

In order to address the homeless crisis, we must focus on transitional housing and services. Currently, the Martinez Amphitheater serves as a shelter for our homeless community. Since we are the county seat, we frequently see people emerge from jail without any outside assistance, including mental health care. As a result of this crisis that affects us all, we need to work together with our social service agencies, non-profits, and other providers.

Revitalization and Infrastructure Programs:

In the same way that we honor John Muir, we should also honor Joe DiMaggio by turning our old train station into a museum and historic landmark. We must support our small businesses in order to make downtown attractive to tourists and residents alike. Although we have made significant progress in improving the economy since the end of the pandemic, we still need to enhance and support many of Martinez’s historic and natural amenities. Additionally, I support the beautification of our City’s entry point and Marina Vista exit.

Martinez Waterfront and Marina:

An advisory firm is developing a plan that will require thoughtful input from the entire city. Restoring the seawall, dredging the boat dock, and opening the pier are just the beginning of the Marina’s facelift. I’m a big fan of a vibrant ferry system. Our marina needs to be the crown jewel in central county. I think we all can help. This is going to be a tough, complicated battle, but that’s what we’re good at as a community!


In order to bring vitality to our town and provide needed housing for our essential workers, we need measured growth without building on ridge lines. Further, I believe that there should be no reason for insurers in rural areas to cancel policies that cover homeowners and provide fire insurance coverage as part of their policies.

Protection of Open Space and Ridgelines:

The Alhambra Highlands have been protected by our voters, and now we have to do what we can to make them accessible, safe, and attractive for both locals and tourists.